Ladies' White T-Shirt Review 2021

 Welcome to Dressed for My Day! My goal here is simply to help and inspire women over 50 – like you and me – to get dressed for our unique days so we can show up in a big way for those around us. I believe we are all influential women, and I simply want us to stay current and stylish so we can feel and be perceived as relevant and smart…’cause we are! Today I’m pleased to present what I hope to be an annual post, my Women’s White T-Shirt Review.

I’m a big believer in the classic white t-shirt as a year round wardrobe essential. But especially during the spring and fall I find myself putting on one of these easy breezy tees frequently. They work so beautifully under jackets, cardigans, blazers and even sweatshirts. But if you choose carefully your white tee can also look amazing by itself paired with jeans, shorts, pants or skirts.

In fact, just to work us up to speed before we check out my white t-shirt review, let’s look at a few of the styles I’ve created here at Dressed for My Day with simple white tees. White tees are great at calming down an otherwise busy outfit, as with the floral cropped pants below.

Wear a white tee with jeans at home and you can top it with a pretty cardigan on your way out the day, as below.

Women’s White T-Shirt Review 2021

Let’s get on with the review! I’m sharing 9 simple v-necks, 2 v-necks with additional detailing and a few other white tees with interesting details. I’ll explain more when I get there.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a couple of good solid white v-neck tees in my wardrobe along with a couple of white tees that have more interesting notes. The solid plain tees are great for layering, but the t-shirts that have a nuanced detail or two can hold their own without that third piece. And that’s pretty important if you live in a warm place where you can’t be fooling with an extra layer during the summer. So I’ll share more about that when we get to those.

While I won’t be crowning any of these tees the BEST white tee, I would gladly wear any of the ones I’m showing you. Choosing a white tee is a sort of personal thing; we each have unique details we’re looking for depending on our body shape, proportions, unique characteristics and personal preferences.

My sizing: I’m 5’8″, weigh about 155 pounds, have an hourglass or X shape, have even proportions and wear a size 36b bra. I generally wear a size 8 or occasionally a 10 in tops, dresses and jackets. I generally wear a medium in t-shirts. But I do have somewhat wide shoulders, and I’d rather my tees fit in the shoulders than not. So even if that means the tee will be a little blousy at the waist, I opt for the fit in the shoulders.

Your Fit: Ideally, the t-shirt shoulder seams should hit right at the outer edge of your shoulders, not drooping over onto your arm and not riding up on top of your shoulders. Some tees will be more fitted than others, but your shoulder fit really does matter in appearances.